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Seconds Sale Monday Sales Format

Thank you for visiting our website for information regarding the format for our next Seconds Sale Monday which will be held on April 8, 2024, in downtown Merigold.  In order to end any incentive for camping out in Merigold in advance of the sale, we have the following format for the sale:

There will be a line A and a line B for admittance to the sale.  The customers who arrive at the sale between 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning will create line A, and those customers who arrive after 8:30 will create line B.  

The line A customers will register their names with our staff for participation in a random drawing of names to form line A.  The registration will be from 7:30 to 8:30. The registration will occur in front of the brick building next to Crawdads restaurant in downtown Merigold.  There is a large parking lot with plenty of space available for everyone. 

The line for registration will close exactly at 8:30.  Anyone arriving after 8:30 will proceed to line B.  Our staff will direct customers to the location for line B.  Line B will form as customers arrive. Those in line to register for line A at 8:30 will be allowed to finish the registration process.

Once the last person is registered, then the random drawing of names will begin in groups of ten. After ten names are selected, then those customers will line up in the order they were selected and then proceed immediately to the sale and begin shopping.  The next group of ten will be chosen, and then the next group of ten will be chosen, and so forth until line A is completed.  Once line A is complete, then line B will fall in behind line A.

In order to register for line A, you must have a photo id.  If you do not have a photo id, then you will proceed to line B.  A photo id is required to prevent multiple individuals from registering the same name several times in order to gain an unfair advantage over the other participants. 

When you are selected, then only you may enter the sale in that spot. You must present your photo id at the sale entrance to verify your spot in line A.  This requirement is necessary to prevent individuals from trading, giving, swapping, or selling their spots in line A.

The format of our sale has several goals.  These goals are to increase the number of pieces available for those customers toward the back of the line, to decrease the wait time to check out, and to eliminate the traffic congestion downtown at the location of the Seconds Sale building.   

In order to increase the number of pieces for our later customers and to decrease the checkout time, we will limit customers to only one small laundry basket for shopping. The basket may be no larger than 24.5 inches in length, 18 inches in width, and 10.5 inches in height.  A photo is provided below as an example.  Trash cans are not allowed.  

Please note that customers must be able to pick up, hold, and walk with the laundry basket and its contents to their cars. Laundry baskets with wheels are not allowed. Customers must take their baskets to their cars. Our staff will not carry the baskets.  Customers may not leave baskets at the seconds sale building on the sidewalk or curb for pick up. 

Customers must decide what they are physically able to carry.  Customers are personally responsible for their own physical safety.  The weight of the pieces will necessarily limit the number of pieces that a customer may purchase; for example, the average customer would not be able to pick up, hold, and carry 40 pieces of pottery from the seconds sale building to the parking areas.     

Certain pieces are too large for laundry baskets, and these pieces will be identified with a red, yellow, or green sticker.  There will be a limit of one large piece per customer per trip in line.  When entering the sale, a customer must choose between selecting one large piece (identified with a sticker) or a laundry basket full of smaller pieces.  Once the customer checks out, she may return to the back of the line (once it is set) and come back into the sale.  For example, a customer may enter the sale and purchase one large piece, and then go to the back of the line (once it is set) and come back into the sale with a laundry basket and purchase several smaller pieces.  

Customers may check out and return to the back of the line (once it is set) as many times as they like. Please note that if a customer checks out before the line is set, then the customer will proceed to line B which will then fall in behind line A (the line of people whose names are being drawn).

Since customers will be limited in this fashion, the number of pieces will increase for our later customers, and the checkout time will decrease since fewer pieces will be involved in each transaction.  Also, since customers must carry their pieces to their cars, we will not have the traffic congestion downtown, and we will eliminate the safety issues with so many cars and people in one location. 

 Customers will not be allowed to create a stack of items in addition to the items in their laundry basket nor will customers be allowed to stack pieces on top of a full basket.  Please note that customers will be asked to check out once their basket is full.   

The sale will continue until all of the seconds are sold.  We do not encourage customers to travel long distances, since there is a good possibility that we may sell out before the end of the line goes through the building. 

 We accept cash and checks only.  For checks, please have personal identification such as a driver’s license available at checkout.  Please remember all sales are final, and there are no refunds or exchanges.  Any questions regarding a total and/or a transaction must be addressed at the register.  Once a customer exits, then the sale is final. 

 Please feel free to bring a chair for your comfort while waiting in line.  No departures are allowed from the line (except to use the portable restroom located close to the line).  Any departure from the line for any reason other than a trip to the portable restroom (e.g. going for a walk, going to a store, going for coffee, etc…) will constitute a departure from the line, and you will lose your place in line.  Please note that our portable restrooms will be delivered prior to the Monday sale .   

Customers may not hold a spot or place for other customers.  In short, you must be physically here to be in line and no other person (including but not limited to friends, relatives, your children, or your friends’ children) can hold your place in line.  Only you may hold your place in line; furthermore, there is no swapping of places in line.  If you are not physically in line, then you are not in line.  Naturally, an unattended chair that is simply dropped off will not hold a spot, and the chair will be removed from the line.  

We are not responsible for personal property (e.g., chairs, coolers, cars, unattended pottery, etc…). For the safety of the downtown area and customers, no open flames are allowed such as fire pots or campfires.

No pets are allowed in the building where the sale is taking place.  Customers must leave their pets outside.     

Please note that we do not sell to businesses or to individuals reselling our pieces.  We reserve the right to refuse service to individuals buying as a business enterprise.  We are implementing this policy in order to provide the best selection possible to our individual customers.   

We believe that this format creates a better Seconds Sale experience for everyone, and we are looking forward to seeing you in Merigold on Monday, April 8, 2024.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at the studio (662-748-2293).  

2nd Sale FAQS

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