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 A New Book Showcases the Jewelry of Pup and Lee McCarty 

 CLEVELAND, MISSISSIPPI – Thomas Book Publishing of Cleveland, Mississippi, has just released its newest book, McCartys of Merigold, Mississippi - The Jewelry, by John Ramsey Miller. The book showcases the jewelry of the late Mississippi artists, Lee and Pup McCarty of Merigold. 

Years before Pup and Lee established the world famous McCartys Pottery, they created jewelry. The pieces they created run from the intricate to the very simple.

The 124 page coffee table book isolates and spotlights the art of these jewelry makers. Author, John Ramsey Miller has captured the beauty of the jewelry they produced from 1948-2015. Miller spent eight months photographing the jewelry and writing the text of this volume, which follows the book Miller produced on the pottery of the McCartys in 2016 that was created over the course of their remarkable career. 

Miller had a close relationship with the couple that began in the 1970s and continued until the death of Lee.

“Over the years, I watched the McCartys create magnificent jewelry using a wide range of materials including wood, ivory, enameling on copper, ebony, iron, pearls, gold, sterling, brass and copper,” said Miller. “They often combined river rocks with gold or copper. They made a lot of jewelry and the demand always outstripped the number of pieces they could make.”

Miller photographed the McCartys personal collection of jewelry pieces as well as pieces belonging to collectors and friends of the McCartys.

“We are proud of the book John created,” said Stephen Smith, Pup and Lee’s Godchild, who along with his brother, Jamie Smith are continuing the traditions of the McCartys. 

“The book is itself a work of art featuring the jewelry art of Lee and Pup,” said Jamie Smith. “The photography shows the pieces in a way that isolates and celebrates each piece he staged for his cameras.” 

McCartys of Merigold, Mississippi - The Jewelry is available at the studio in Merigold as well as in bookstores around the state.

For more information visit, or call the studio at 662-748-2293. 

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